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Wyser is a global executive search company that believes in the power of people and their potential to shape the future. We are passionate about connecting talented middle and senior management professionals with organizations that share their values and vision, and helping them achieve their full potential.

A Global Model Operates in 3 Continents

A consulting approach to recruitment

Specialization by job families

A strong focus on
building long
lasting partnerships

We operate in
Saudi Arabia

and all over the world

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Al Hadrawi, Ar Rahmaniyyah, 12341

We operate in

and all over the world

Nearest office location


Emaar Square Downtown Burj Khalifa

Talent Strategy

تقديم حلول الموارد البشرية

We have a proven global business model and a proprietary methodology that to support our customers’ search & selection needs for middle and senior management around the world.

Our entire recruitment process is aimed at
creating value for companies and candidates we work with.


Our team of experienced consulant works closely with clients to create a customized search plan, ensuring that the best possible candidate is hired for senior-level positions.

Middle & Top Management recruitment

Our method in evaluating a candidate’s potential is based on a tailor-made competencies model designed to offer a wider vision of soft skills, behaviors, emotions and personal attitudes.

Permanent Recruitment

Our rigorous selection process ensures that only the best candidates are presented to our clients. With our service, companies can find the right person for the job with ease.


Our International Mobility service guides qualified candidates to your company, regardless of their location, for hard-to-fill roles.

Expertise by jobs families

متخصصة بفئات وظيفية

Wyser is dedicated to connecting growing companies with skilled managers. We specialize in three core areas – Fintech, Energy, and Healthcare – and offer additional industry sub-specializations at the local level.

  • Healthcare 20% 20%
  • Energy 25% 25%
  • Fintech 55% 55%


Oil and Gas
Renewable Energy
Nuclear Energy

Financial Services


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Lacramioara Hristache - Wyser

Lacramioara Hristache

Wyser Middle East | Romania
Business Manager

Wyser Business Manager


Wyser Middle East | Bulgaria
Business Manager